Wholesalers and Distributors

Fashion productivity for your specific business needs

Season Management

Control all your business processes depending on the stage in the product lifecycle and gain full support for controlled delivery windows per season.

Sales Order Management

Optimally allocate received stock, taking into account shortages and surpluses; automatically cancel or replace items when minimum quantities aren’t met during the presales phase.

Sales Target & Analysis

Satisfy your need of analysis: not only looking back at posted information, but also monitoring the actual performance of presales of the new collections. 

Matrix Funcionality

Handle a large number of information with our rich matrix, including styles in different colors and sizes, stock information and prices, sales and purchase orders.


Create different scenario’s like optimistic, neutral and pessimistic, taking more or less identical styles from a previous season as a reference for new styles.

Collections and Styles

With our solution it is easy to create all the new collections, styles, colors, sizes and variants and add all the necessary information like purchase and sales prices.


Discover how to run your entire business through one fully integrated software solution. All of the essential business processes are covered including: planning, design and development, sales, purchasing, logistics, retailing, finance and analytic.


Our fashion productivity suite becomes indispensables, always available and easy to use,
enabling fashion and apparel companies to focus on doing what they do best.
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