Fashion ERP Video Library

Using excel spread sheets and accounting systems like QuickBooks to manage tall business processes became obsolete. Moreover, some companies struggle with one common key business process; transferring their data from one system to another. These companies tend to hand write their sales orders, open up a software solution to check their inventory levels, then, if inventory is there, open up a separate order entry solution to transfer the hand written sales order into the system. This is just one of the tedious and time consuming processes fashion companies, like yourself may face. Not to mention having to use yet another program for their accounting needs.  

So then what do you do? has the answer for you. We have a solution that is tailored specifically for the fashion industry. pebblestone|fashion 365 is an easy management system that includes all the processes, like:

  • planning
  • collection management
  • pre-sales and sales
  • purchasing
  • logistics
  • finance
  • inventory management
  • forecasting and more
Access to our video library to get a better understanding of what our fashion software solution offers to apparel companies to create new collections and handle a large number of information including styles in different colors and sizes, stock information and prices, sales and purchase orders.

Access to the Free Demo Library