What Fashion Inventory Management Software Should Do

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Any retailer can testify that it doesn't take long for inventory control to become a nightmare. For the fashion industry, effectively managing every step of the supply chain is vital, and knowing at all times what is going on with your stock is key to remaining competitive.



Indubitably, business owners do not want to waste money replicating inventory they already have or find themselves in the situation of running out of a garment that is in demand. If your fashion inventory management software does not have the following features, it's time to upgrade: 

 1. Cross-Referencing

Each item entered is accompanied by several key data points: vendor, style number, size, color, etc. The best software solution should enable cross-referencing of each data layer for deeper insights in understanding the trends affecting an item's movement as well as provide razor-sharp understanding of what, exactly is in stock or lacking.

2. Real Time Updateswhat fashion inventory management software should do

Whether a garment is being received or sold, inventory should automatically update. If a sales associate is wrapping up a transaction at the front of the store, another associate in the office, managing a phone inquiry about the very same garment, should see reflected in inventory records that very sale. This prevents a customer service disaster of making false promises about what is in stock.

3. Transfers

For apparel industry businesses with more than one location, it may be necessary to re-locate stock from time to time. Tracking the path of inventory is crucial. After all, a garment that may have been on the rack for some time at shop A could find itself in demand at shop B. This situation requires an inventory control solution that reflects not only what garments are in stock, but exactly where they are located.

Know and manage your inventory better and enjoy better sales growth. Keep best-sellers readily available and minimize stock of those slow-sellers that are still must-haves. Never again have a staff member utter business killing words like, "I don't know" when a customer inquires about a particular style, color and size.



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