Tips To Choose The Right Fashion ERP Software

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Have you been shopping around for the right fashion ERP software for your apparel business? Don't be surprised if the journey seems complicated. To simplify narrowing the field to the best solution, think about what you know about your business: What issues consistently cause you pain? Those are the key areas your enterprise resource planning system should resolve.



There are many resources where business owners can get tips to choose ERP systems for their companies, but working in the fashion industry entails some complexities that can only be addressed with tailored solutions. In addition to your own unique needs, here are 3 things to look for in an effective ERP solution:


1. Scalability

Think modules rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. This allows a single application to integrate the specific solutions a business needs. Multiple retail locations are also enabled to customize according to their own unique needs yet retain enough uniformity so that any staff member can easily handle functionality of features. The module approach also allows an ERP solution to grow with a company.

2. Simplicitytips to choose the right fashion erp software

Do you really want a software solution that is not really a solution at all but simply becomes another point of pain? Applications should be simple enough for all staff members to use whether they are opening vendor accounts, implementing SKUs, placing orders, or creating a sales ticket. You don't want to call up a battalion of technical support every time a task is performed.

3. Mobile Data

Mobile data is king for business managers as well as consumers. ERP features should include solutions designed to integrate with the most commonly used mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. Business owners should be able to review inventory, check order status, and calculate sales and inventory numbers anywhere at anytime.
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