The Role of B2B e-Commerce In Omni-Channel Strategy: Giving Your Fashion Wholesale Business An Edge

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Although the B2B ecommerce market its still on its infancy, predictions tell us that its growth is being so explosive (projected to hit $12 trillion in sales worldwide by 2020) that it will soon surpass B2C as the dominant form of online business.
In this ever-evolving industry, cutting-edge technology like omni-channel integration can give your wholesale company the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

1. Improved Customer Experience

As the original e-commerce format, B2C has set the standard for ease and convenience in online shopping. Fashion wholesale businesses now expect a similar experience when dealing with their vendors. True omni-channel integration puts everything from presale to bulk order information just a click away. Best of all, whether customers call in an order in or shop through the website, their experience is consistent from start to finish. The efficiency and cost-savings of your day-to-day operations also increase.

2. Better Understanding of Clients' Businesses

role of B2B ecommerce in omni-channelReceiving customer data from one channel rarely tells the whole story. However, with the right system, you can aggregate data from multiple forms of client interaction to create a deeper and more meaningful understanding of your clients' businesses.
With in-depth analytics, you can apply new and more powerful marketing strategies, giving you a distinct advantage over pure-play retailers. Likewise, as B2B client needs are often complex and varied, you can configure and update your platform accordingly. 

3. Cohesion Between Departments 

When properly housed under the umbrella of an omni-channel strategy, all of your departments can work together in unison by having strong and efficient communication streams . You may even find that your sales department is able to foster a more substantive relationship with returning clients by leveraging the information your company has gathered about them, and acting in a consultative capacity and solidifying trust and brand loyalty with new clients. In addition, established clients who prefer to get in out are able to do so with the click of a button, saving you and them valuable time.




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