Promoting Your Fashion Brand In Social Media: Facebook

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Can Facebook be used effectively for marketing your fashion brand in social media? Isn’t Facebook just a social networking site that people use to connect to their family and friends? Not anymore! Facebook is one of the largest social media sites that any brand or business can use to effectively market their products.

Why Use Facebook?

One of the most important choices you can make for your fashion brand is knowing your target audience. You need to know who they are, what they like and how to connect with them. In this matter, Facebook can come in handy for your business: This social platform has an easy-to-use and learn system that allows you to specifically target your perfect customer. You can target your audience based demographic data such as age, gender, where they live - but also by other non-quantitative data that can be relevant for you in order to figure out the profile of your potential consumers: stores they follow that might be similar to yours, other fashion brands that they like and follow, and so much more!

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Organic and Paid advertising options

Aside from creating a business profile where you can showcase your products or give news about your fashion brand, you also have the option of creating advertisements to reach your target audience. These type of ads work on "pay per click", meaning that you'll set up as budget and only pay for those ads which are being clicked and rates most vary from  $0.16 to $1 per click, depending on the factors you chose during your ad campaign creation. You can also set your prices so that you don’t go over your advertising budget.This will make your ads more effective because you can advertise exactly to the people who are most likely to buy your garments.

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If that is not enough, Facebook also has amazing customization options available for your ads unlike anything that any other social media site offers. You choose your marketing goals so that Facebook’s advanced algorithm can help you get exactly the kind of traffic you need, whether it is real clicks to your store, or if you just want more customer engagement on your posts and Facebook page. After you choose your goal, it becomes even more detailed so that you can customize your ads exactly the way you need them.


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