How To Make Sure Your Apparel retail Business is Data-Driven

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make_sure_business_data_driven.jpgCustomer satisfaction is at the heart of any apparel retail business success story. Building a fashion brand in which consumers relate with, enjoy, and continue returning to equal increase revenue and steady growth. Profitable apparel companies reach this high level of satisfaction and return because they have succeded in providing their customers with enjoyable and consistent shopping experiences that they were willing to repeat.

Facing today's challenges by putting customers as first priority

 Good examples of this can be seen both in and out of the fashion industry. Take for example Sephora's recently opened digitally-enabled store or Starbuck's omni-channel strategy that integrates all channels coherently: customers can, for example, reload their card balance through their phone, Starbuck's website or at the store and the changes are updated real-time.

These strategies and tactics are not only benefitial for customers, but for businesses who implement them as well: Valuable data is collected by the implemented solutions and stack up for the use and analysis of the businesses. Organization and continued analysis of one's apparel transactions will determine exactly how profitable the company is and how to improve future sales and operations. A few important questions business owners need to ask themselves are;

  •  make sure business is data drivenIs the efficiency and productivity on track? Reports generated from our data software will ensure companies may fix the bottlenecks in the supply chain. 
  • Are your decisions reflected in reports? Apparel businesses need to see the managerial decisions in which they make have a positive reflection on the company.
  • Can all of the orders shipped and net revenue be produced on demand, so to keep track of all critical points? 
  • Can the financial results of apparel transactions and orders be reported automatically? Forms, payments, and revenue are promptly displayed with data software. 

Limiting waste and creating a desirable customer experience are the outcome apparel businesses will enjoy with our end-to-end solution, because it pinpoints exactly what needs tweaking. pebblestone|fashion 365 is a subscription-based software on the Cloud that offers all the functionalities fashion businesses require in order to thrive in the actual competitive market. 

Efficiency and satisfaction are the keys to success. Data-driven businesses see the most return, and it is evident when the analytics arrive at the forefront.

Using IT to build an emotional brand connection


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