10 Ways to Improve Customer Shopping Experience in Fashion Retail

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Everyone has been frustrated at some point or another when they go out to do their shopping. Overcrowded aisles, bottlenecked shopping cart traffic, and overwhelmingly long checkout lines, especially in fashion retail. These are a few reasons that many people are not avid shoppers, while some people downright can't stand shopping at all.


The focus should be on your customers

It seems that more and more stores are designed to see how much product they can fix between their four walls rather than being concerned about the customer's shopping experience. However, there is hope to change the perception of shoppers as online shopping becomes more and more popular

The big question is: How does my store work to provide the shopping experience consumers desire?

The following are some great tips to point you in the right direction to help make your store a more customer friendly place to shop and improve customer shopping experience:

1. Brand yourself well

Create a story about your brand and channel it across your media platforms, and follow your branding throughout your store. Using pictures from your store on your website and platforms makes people who've already seen your branding online feel like they are walking into a virtual reality. People who've seen your store first then recognize the branding online will feel like they have already met your brand.

2. Create trust

Create trustin your customers by giving them the opportunity to provide feedback. Whether you give them a QR scan code as they walk in or provide a link to a feedback generator on their receipt as they walk out, customers want to know they are heard by the companies they buy from. Giving them the option to provide you with their feedback is empowering and builds trust. Be sure to also let them know you've received their feedback and offer up a freebie as a thank you.

3. Use customer data appropriately 

to make them feel like they are special to you. Don't go selling their information so they can be easily spammed by money-hungry companies. Instead, use their data to give them a call on their birthday, send them thank-you letters when they make big purchases, or offering them discounts and insider bonuses for their instilled trust in you. 

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4. Stock The Shelves

Customers expect to come into a store and find what they are looking for. Ensuring that you always have a sufficient stock of products on hand can help avoid disappointing customers. While it's not possible to always have every single thing on hand, having an adequate stock of products that you know are popular can help avoid unnecessarily disappoint customers.

5. Make Products Accessible 

Keep in mind the various needs your customers will have throughout their shopping trip. Customers using walkers or canes may need wider aisles, so providing adequate space rather than shoving in much product as possible can help them get around the store faster. Provide adequate room for wheelchairs. Consider all customers and possible challenges that they may face when visiting your store. Plan to eliminate many of those obstacles as possible for a more pleasant shopping experience for everyone.
woman with baby stroller in fashion retail shop

6. Provide Handicap Accessible Facilities

Ensure your stores has plenty of handicap parking spots for customers to use. Providing restroom stalls that are handicap accessible as well as water fountains will go far in helping those customers have a much more pleasurable experience making them more likely to return in the future.

7. Train Associates To Be Helpful

We have covered in various other blog posts how a well trained staff that goes the extra mile for the customer is a very valuable asset in a fashion business. Sometimes simply asking if a customer needs anything during their shopping trip can make their experience that much more pleasurable. Showing them where an item is instead of making them search the entire store for it and helping save them time can help turn first-time visitors into loyal future customers. 

8. Offer Loyalty Rewards

Customers expect their loyalty to your brand and business to be rewarded. Whether it's buying 5 cups of coffee and get one free or save $10 on every $50 you spend promotions run at special times throughout the year, any savings or loyalty programs customers can partake in are always welcome. The customer then feels appreciated and is likely to frequent your business for their purchases.

9. Use Pleases & Thank Yous

Even something simple like saying, "That will be $30.00 today, please" or "Thank you for shopping with us, we will see you again soon!" can help the customer feel appreciated. Using pleases and thanking your customers for shopping with you re-emphasizes that you appreciate their loyalty to your brand, especially in a day and age where customers have many choices of where to spend their money.

10. Avoid Long Checkout Lines

The longer the checkout lines are, the more annoyed or irritated many customers are likely to get as they wait. It may make them reconsider purchases. Ensure that you have adequate staff on hand to handle the rushes that you may get throughout the day. Knowing your store's busiest times of the day can help you plan to have enough staff on hand to keep checkout lines moving smoothly while ensuring employees are not just standing around with little to do. 
These are just a few ideas on how to help make your store as pleasant of a shopping experience for your customer as possible. Be creative and come up with things to try! Your customers will appreciate the effort.


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