3 Tips for Creating an Apparel Tech Pack for your Small Business

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Tech packs work effectively to limit any errors and improve communication between your business and your manufacturer. These tools are crucial for the manufacturer to keep track of all the specifications to produce your fashion garments.

The more detailed and thorough your tech pack is the easier it will be for the manufacturer to understand your vision. There are three tips you should keep in mind when creating an apparel tech pack.


Work with a Technical Designer

A tech pack not only requires you to include measurements, colors, and styles of the design but also images. If no one in your business has experience with the technical aspects, then it can be challenging to create a tech pack on your own. A technical designer has experience creating images, fabrication details and more info that is pertinent to your apparel's design.

fashion designer with apparel tech pack

More Details are Always Better

In the case of apparel manufacturing, including as many details as possible is always better. Manufacturers can quickly and easily refer to the tech pack for any missing information. If your apparel requires a certain stitching pattern, then this is something that needs to go in your tech pack. While initially, it may seem like you are including too much information, this cuts down on delays and incorrect products.

Keep Your Instructions Clear

If your apparel relies on a lot of information, then a tech pack can quickly look or feel overwhelming. Use columns, colors, and clear wording to make your tech pack as easy to follow as possible.


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