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Jun 23

 Want To Improve Fashion Seasonal Sales? Start With Good Pre-Season Planning


Each season within the fashion seasonality brings a new trend that is fresh and exciting. Every shopping holiday has its own unique aspects, a set of advertising rules that must be re-written when the next season or holiday rolls around. For companies that want to simplify things yet, at the same time, improve seasonal sales year-round, a single game plan is needed and the key strategy lies in your business software solution's pre-planning effectiveness.


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Jun 15

What Fashion Inventory Management Software Should Do


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Jun 8

The Role of B2B e-Commerce In Omni-Channel Strategy: Giving Your Fashion Wholesale Business An Edge

Although the B2B ecommerce market its still on its infancy, predictions tell us that its growth is being so explosive (projected to hit $12 trillion in sales worldwide by 2020) that it will soon surpass B2C as the dominant form of online business.
In this ever-evolving industry, cutting-edge technology like omni-channel integration can give your wholesale company the edge it needs to stay ahead of the competition.

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May 30

Tips To Choose The Right Fashion ERP Software

Have you been shopping around for the right fashion ERP software for your apparel business? Don't be surprised if the journey seems complicated. To simplify narrowing the field to the best solution, think about what you know about your business:  What issues consistently cause you pain? Those are the key areas your enterprise resource planning system should resolve.



There are many resources where business owners can get tips to choose ERP systems for their companies, but working in the fashion industry entails some complexities that can only be addressed with tailored solutions. In addition to your own unique needs, here are 3 things to look for in an effective ERP solution:


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May 24

How To Make Sure Your Apparel retail Business is Data-Driven


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May 18

Merging Online and Offline Tools To Improve Your Omni-Channel Strategy

Both consumers and retailers have a role to play when it comes to enhancing the apparel shopping experience. For instance, customers research on new products and prices to identify the best source of what they require. On the other hand, retailers seek to understand what consumers are looking for or what is in demand to make it available. Information of this nature is available both online and offline and it is at the hand of the retailer to leverage it in order to strenghten their omni-channel strategy.

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May 11

Best Inventory Management Tools For Your Fashion Business


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May 4

The Importance of Enterprise Resource Planning and How It Creates Value


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Apr 27

Top 3 Indicators Your Business Needs an ERP System


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Apr 20

3 ways you didn't know erp can step-up your fashion business


ERP systems are gaining popularity at a tremendous rate in all industries, and it is without a doubt that they are a boon to any fashion-related company trying to beat the competition by being the best in the business.

It is undeniable that nowadays ERP systems are a valuable asset to many apparel organizations.

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